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Free Style Reel Operating System JET STREAM
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Jet Stream Series

History of fly fishing tackle revolutions
Fly fishing tackle revolutions, like shooting head system, carbon graphite rod, recent nano resin technology enabled us cast more longer distance. But as a result, running line around wading boots, or in the line basket getting longer and longer. Large arbor fly reel is one of the solution to retrieve fly line or running line faster. We thought still long running line in front of fly fisher is a problem like;
Limited casting place, from bush? from bank?…
Complicated running line handling
Tangled running line at surf etc.
Increasing reel weight by large arbor reel for faster retrieve
We found final solutions are two points.
1. No running line on the water in front of fly fisher
2. Faster retrieve speed than large arbor reel without increasing reel weight
To realize above 2 points, we’ve started development of Jet Stream series reels.

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