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★About Line Capacity

About Line Capacity

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Above line capacity shows AFTM based fly line capacity.
If you choose our recommended line system, please see following line capacity indication.
Of course to save Super FireLine® cost, you can wind backing line.

XZ-2,FA-2,R2 spool Super FireLine® 50lb 270m – 300m + shooting head #7/#8 (S1/S2) 9.9m

XZ-2,FA-2,R2 spool Super FireLine® 50lb 250 -300m + 26.5ft Skagit system 600 gr,

XZ-3,FA-3,R3 spool Super FireLine® 50ln 400m + 23.5ft Skagit system 510gr

So, if to use our recommended line system, XZ-2,FA-2,R2 spool is enough for most of shooting head.
We recommend over winding shooting head over the spool like photo for smooth Spin-mode casting.

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